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Discover the Power of Excel’s Hidden Watch Window

By Marie McCooey

Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through gigantic worksheets to check formula results?

Would you find it helpful if you could view the impact your changes have on the formula cells without the constant scrolling?

Excel’s little known tool, the Watch Window, allows you to monitor formulas or important cells in a separate window without continuously scrolling through enormous worksheets. Continue reading

Do You Struggle to Understand Complex Excel Formulas?

By Marie McCooey

You received an Excel file filled with long, complicated formulas that need updating by the end of the day.

You’re struggling to understand the difficult formulas. But you don’t want to ask for help and appear stupid.

Have you been in this predicament? Continue reading

Proof Reader

9 Time Saving Tips to Improve Your Writing

By Marie McCooey

Do you struggle with your writing?

Do you know there’s a proofreader, named AutoCorrect, in your favorite Microsoft Office program?

It’s similar to a Stage Manager working in the background to ensure the audience experiences a flawless performance.

Continue reading