Do You Know How to Select Text Vertically in Word?

By Marie McCooey

Would you like to learn a little-known shortcut that lets you select text vertically instead of horizontally?

OK, let’s get started.

In the table shown in Figure A, you need to delete the Month column. How much time will it take to select each entry horizontally?
Figure A Word table example to select text vertically

Wouldn’t it be easier to select the text vertically?

But, you’re wondering how?

Try this.

Selecting Text Vertically

Hold the ALT key down and use your mouse to highlight the text you want to delete. In this example, the Month column shown in Figure B.
Figure B
Word table with select text vertically
Press DELETE and the entire column is deleted instantly!

Note: With this powerful shortcut, you are not limited to selecting text at the beginning of the line. You can make a vertical selection anywhere on the page.

For example, in Figure C, hold the ALT key down and using your mouse highlight the spaces between the dollar signs and the values.

Press DELETE and the spaces disappear!

Figure C Word table with example select text verticallyNow that you know this secret shortcut, imagine how much time you will save!

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