The Secret Formatting Power of Copy/Paste

The Secret Formatting Power of Copy/Paste

By Marie McCooey


Let’s admit it.

Do you spend too much time formatting your Word documents or PowerPoint slides?

In my previous post you learned about the Format Painter, the Hidden Microsoft Tool that repeats your formatting with one or two mouse clicks.

Did you know there are secret keyboard shortcuts that let you copy and paste multiple formats without using the mouse?

With one tweak, your standard run of the mill Copy and Paste keyboard shortcuts; CTRL + C and CTRL + V become formatting powerhouses.

Try this.

  1. Select the text with the formatting you want to copy.
  2. Instead of clicking the Format Painter, press CTRL + SHIFT + C to copy the formatting.
  3. To paste, select the text or object you want to format and press CTRL + SHIFT + V and all the formatting is applied.

That’s right.

Use both the CTRL + SHIFT keys with C and you’ll copy the formatting of your selected text or object instead of the text.

With these keyboard shortcuts, you can copy and paste multiple formatting at once, e.g. bold, underlining, font color, etc.

Need to copy the formatting of an entire paragraph?

  1. Place the cursor in the paragraph or select the entire paragraph.
  2. Press CTRL+ SHIFT+ C to copy the formatting of the entire paragraph.
    The shortcut will copy spacing, indentation, bullets and numbering, and character formatting that’s shared by most characters, etc.
  3. Select the paragraph or paragraphs to apply the formatting to and press CTRL + SHIFT + V.

Bonus: You’re not limited to copy and pasting the formatting within one document.
These impressive shortcuts let you copy the formatting of text or objects from one Word document to another or from one PowerPoint presentation to another!

And they’re sticky!

You can copy formatting, perform other actions in your documents, and then paste the formatting again, as many times as you want as long as you don’t copy different formatting with the keyboard shortcuts.

In fact, if you don’t copy different formatting they’re ready to apply for your entire Word, PowerPoint session!

Note: The keyboard shortcuts CTRL + SHFT + C and CTRL + SHIFT + V apply to Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher, but I’m sorry to say not Excel.

Feel like you’re wasting time formatting your PowerPoint presentations or Word documents?

Give these shortcuts a try and let me know how much time you saved!

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