Frequently Asked Questions

How is your training different than a webinar or just purchasing a “cheat sheet” manual?

Frequently Asked Questions

 Webinars are great, but nothing beats the experience of training with a dynamic instructor. Research has proven that you’ll retain two and a half times more information from a live event than with a webinar.

Cheat sheets are very helpful, especially if you’ve already been to a live training. My sessions are fun, interactive, and designed to help you learn and retain as much information in a short amount of time as possible.


I see you offer full-day, half-day, and 90-minute training programs. Which one do you recommend?

 It really depends on your needs. For most companies, the full-day training seems to be the best fit. I’m able to customize it to your specific situation and cover all the topics in-depth.

If your team isn’t able to attend a full-day training for whatever reason, the half-day training is a good option. It’s long enough to cover much-needed information while giving you more flexibility with scheduling.

The 90-minute program is great for a refresher or a quick jolt of tips and techniques that will help your team save time immediately.

Whichever program you invest in, you can be sure you’ll get a quick return with increased productivity.


Isn’t there a less expensive way to train my employees on these tips, techniques, and shortcuts?

 You could just purchase a program or a cheat sheet to try to train your employees, which will make them more efficient. The benefit of the live training is that it sticks with your people longer, and they’ll work smarter and work faster right away. You’ll easily recoup your investment, sometimes in as little as a few weeks or months.


What  kind of productivity do people usually experience after your training?

 It varies from person to person, of course. If someone applies what they learn in the training, they can expect at least 15 minutes of increased productivity per day. That could be time saved or more projects done in the same time, or a combination of both.

Less tangible, but equally important, is the fact that your frustration and stress levels will go down as a result of learning these shortcuts.


Aren’t changes always happening with Microsoft Office? If I invest in this training now, won’t I just have to send my people to another one in six months as things change?

Yes, there are always changes, so if you haven’t been to a training like this in a few years, you should consider it. Once you get caught up with a live training, it’s much easier to keep up to date with updates I provide you with via email and my monthly newsletter. I recommend a live training every year or two while staying on top of things in between with my quick tips online.


How does this compare to other similar training?

There are a few other good training companies out there, but I think you’ll find my training is …

  • More convenient. I come to you instead of having you go to a hotel meeting room, saving you time.
  • Customized to your needs. Since I own the company and create all the training content myself, I can tailor it to your situation, giving you a better value for your training investment.
  • Flexible. I give you the option of different length trainings, because one size doesn’t fit everyone’s needs.
  • Fun! I pack a lot of great information into every training, but I also know that you’ll retain it better and be more likely to refer me to others when you have a good time. Be assured, this is not a stiff lecture with dry material.
  • Personalized. I make it a point to get to know your name and what you do, and make it easy for you to remember and use the information.


I can see where my people will learn some great tips, techniques, and shortcuts. How does this really benefit my business? 

When each person is working more efficiently with less frustration and stress, it carries over into every area of your business or organization. Happier, more effective employees mean your whole operation is running smoother. Bottom line is that you’ll have greater productivity. 

Do people actually remember this stuff? It looks like good information, but I know most training we invest in isn’t retained long-term. What do you do that’s different?

Yes, people who come to my training really do remember the shortcuts and techniques. It’s different than one-dimensional learning from a book, and even better than a live webinar. I’m able to engage with you, interact with you, make it fun and entertaining, and give you time to put the shortcuts into action right away.

There’s simply no substitute for high-energy, customized, live training with a top-notch instructor.


Can you come to us or do we go to you?

 I make it easy – I come to you.


How is this training different than similar seminars I see advertised which are usually done in hotel meeting rooms?

 Again, those type of training companies do a good job. The difference is, when the instructor is someone like me who also owns the business, you’re going to get a higher level training.

I have a vested interest in making sure every single person and every group I train is extremely satisfied. Over 80% of my clients are repeat business. Word-of-mouth advertising about me is crucial to my business.


What do you promise?

I guarantee that if you put these shortcuts and tips into action, you’ll see a minimum of 15-20 minutes a day in increased productivity. In addition, you’ll be less frustrated and more focused.


Who is this for? Who isn’t it for?

This is not for people who like to take the long, analytical approach to things just for the sake of being thorough. This is not for people who spend very little time at the keyboard.

But … If you spend any amount of work time on a keyboard using Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook, and would like to become more efficient and productive, no matter how fast you already are, this is for you.

And if you’re the type of person who is willing to adapt, learn, and apply what you learn, this is for you.

I look forward to seeing you at a training soon. Do you have any questions I didn’t answer here? Please feel free to email me  or call me at 401-474-2871 .

I can also schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, to see if we’re a good fit.