Do You Know These Secret Excel Shortcuts?

By Marie McCooey

We all do it.

You need to sum a column of numbers.

You start by:
1. Reaching for the mouse.
2. Then, you DRAG DOWN the column.
3. And, finally, click the AutoSum button.

How long did that take?

And, how often do you sum numbers in Excel?
– Daily?
– Hourly?
– Every 5 minutes?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

There must be an easier way!

There is.

Excel’s Hidden Keyboard Shortcut

First, let me tell you about a little known keyboard shortcut.

ALT + =

It’s Excel’s hidden keyboard shortcut for AutoSum.

No more reaching for the AutoSum button.

When you need to sum a range of values, press ALT + = instead.
And, you’ll have an instant sum of your column or row.

Use the Power of Excel’s Hidden Shortcut to Save Time

Now, let me show you 3 ways to tap into the power of ALT + =.

1. Sum a Column OR Row


2. Sum Multiple Columns OR Rows


And, best of all.

3. Sum a Range of Columns AND rows All at Once


Give these 3 AutoSum shortcuts a try and let me know how much time you’ll save in your day.

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