Excel's Secret DATEDIF Function

How to Calculate Age and Other Time Periods with Excel’s Secret DATEDIF Function

By Marie McCooey

How can you calculate the number of days, months or years between two dates?

For example:

  • Your age in days, months and years
  • An employee’s length of service
  • Length of a project

Let me introduce you to DATEDIF (i.e. Date difference), a very useful, but hidden function used to calculate the difference between two dates in the number of days, months or years. Continue reading

How to work faster in Excel

How to Work Faster in Excel

By Marie McCooey

We all love to save time.

And it has been proven, the quickest way to improve your speed when working on a computer is to use keyboard shortcuts.

In the 10 Excel keyboard shortcuts everyone should know post I shared 10 of the most popular Excel keyboard shortcuts.

Here are 10 more Excel shortcuts to add to your collection and help you become an Excel rock star. Continue reading

Discover hidden Word keyboard shortcuts

10 Word Keyboard Shortcuts to Help You Work Faster

By Marie McCooey

My Word class participants are always so eager and excited to learn keyboard shortcuts. They appreciate the time saved when they use keyboard shortcuts.

Discover these little-known Word keyboard shortcuts for yourself. Continue reading