Frustrated Windows 8 user

Are You Frustrated with Windows 8?

By Marie McCooey

5 Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

Wondering where the familiar Windows features are hiding?
There’s hope. These 5 keyboard shortcuts will help you conquer Window 8.

Search for Apps
Wondering how to find your installed apps?
Press the Windows key,  Windows logo key start typing the app name you’re searching for. Voila! A list of apps that meet your search string appear. Click to select and open an app.

Search for Files
Are you looking for a specific file on your computer?
Press the Windows key, Windows logo key and F. Type your file name. Click your file to open.

Return to the Standard Desktop
Where did they hide the Desktop?
Press the Windows key,  and D to display the well-known Desktop.

Display Windows Explorer
Wondering where Windows Explorer disappeared to?
Press the Windows key, Windows logo key and E to instantly display all your files, folders and drives.

Getting Back to Start
How do you go back to the Start screen where you can find your apps and devices?
Press the Windows key, Windows logo key and the Start screen appears.

The next time you’re desperately searching for a feature in Windows 8, give these shortcuts a try.
You’ll be amazed how fast you can navigate in Windows 8!

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